Veterans and Addiction During Thanksgiving

Veterans have a higher risk of abusing substances than members of the general population. Sadly, this risk is exacerbated during holidays like Thanksgiving, which involves the heightened tensions of family visits and a high likelihood of the presence of alcohol. While it is true that relapse can become more likely during the Thanksgiving holiday, help is also available. Our experienced clinical staff at New Bridge Foundation has a history of helping veterans with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Veterans and Addiction

Serving in the military is a dangerous and demanding job. That said, life after the military remains difficult for many of the men and women who have served so bravely. This is due in part to the experiences they may have had serving in the armed forces, but also because individuals sometimes have difficulty re-acclimating to a non-military environment.

Men and women who have served in the military can come home with various issues that relate to spending time in areas of conflict. Many of these conditions — notably depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) — often underpin and fuel addictive behaviors. These conditions are often amplified when veterans return home from service, and particularly when they are faced with the stressors and triggers of holidays like Thanksgiving.

Veteran Addiction Treatment: Knowing the Signs

There are many different signs of addiction to be on the lookout for. Veterans with addiction issues display some of the following behaviors:

  • They are no longer interested in activities that they once enjoyed or have begun to isolate themselves socially.
  • They must use more of the substance to get the feeling they once did.
  • When they have attempted to reduce their consumption or quit altogether, they have experienced withdrawal symptoms.
  • When they have attempted to reduce their consumption or quit altogether, they have failed.
  • They have engaged in risky activities such as driving or unprotected sex while under the influence.
  • They have experienced adverse health outcomes as a result of their substance use but have continued to use anyway.
  • They have failed to fulfill work, family, or social responsibilities as a result of their substance use.

If you display any of the above behaviors or if you know a veteran who does, it is time to consider getting professional help at a veterans’ addiction treatment program. Reach out to the New Bridge Foundation’s San Francisco Bay-Area facility either online or call us at 866.772.8491 to learn more about our veteran-specific program.

How We Help Veterans

New Bridge Foundation’s veterans’ addiction treatment program has been specifically designed to help veterans overcome their addiction issues. It is important that anyone who provides treatment and help to Veterans understands the unique culture and issues experienced by military members and veterans.

At New Bridge Foundation, we pride ourselves on addressing the special needs of veterans. This includes developing individual treatment plans that address the specific problems and challenges of veterans. It also means providing veterans with ways to cope with addiction and trauma and equipping veterans with tools and strategies to deal with physical pain and mental issues that may have resulted from their time serving their country.

Learn More at New Bridge Foundation

If you or someone you care about is a veteran and is now battling addiction, you deserve the finest treatment your country has to offer. Don’t let your substance use control your life and the lives of your loved ones any longer, and don’t let the added stress and temptation of the Thanksgiving season result in relapse. We can help you overcome your addiction in our veterans’ addiction treatment program. Residential treatment is offered here in the San Francisco Bay Area while our outpatient Telehealth services can be accessed from anywhere in the state of California. Reach out to New Bridge Foundation today online or call us at 866.772.8491 to learn more.

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