Myths About Addiction Treatment

There are several myths about addiction treatment that may cause some people to put off getting the care they need. The truth is that there are facts that debunk those common myths about addiction treatment programs. Learn about addiction treatment myths and how to find the ideal Indiana drug rehab center by reaching out to experts, such as the ones at Addiction Rehab Centers. Contact us today at 844.910.0686 for factual answers to any questions you may have.

How Do Myths about Addiction Treatment Get Started?

The myths surrounding addiction treatment start when a person makes a claim that gets repeated, and then other people spread the tale. Some people publish information that is not based on facts but on their opinion. This may lead to people believing myths.

Myths about treatment for addiction to alcohol, or myths about treatment for meth addiction, for example, may have an impact on whether a prospective patient decides to enter treatment. Trusting in professionals to shed light on addiction and addiction treatment offers people the opportunity to learn the truth. This truth eventually can help them to complete a treatment program successfully.

Common Myths about Addiction Treatment Programs

One myth is the belief that a person has to “hit rock bottom” before seeking treatment or before treatment will be successful. Many people associate this myth with alcohol addiction. The fact is that many patients in alcohol addiction treatment programs do not hit “rock bottom.” Some patients enter treatment when they feel that they cannot control their alcohol use. People that go to treatment through a court order have often not “hit rock bottom.” There are many reasons why patients undergo addiction treatment at Addiction Rehab Centers.

There are several other addiction treatment myths.

Detox Is a Form of Addiction Treatment

Detox is often thought of as a treatment option. However, in reality, it is the beginning of the recovery process. Detox is a short-term process and prepares people for entering into treatment. It is the process of withdrawing from the drugs and ridding the body of the substances. However, it is often best to attend a professional detox program, as it can be dangerous without medical assistance.

Treatment Is Not Always Necessary.

Some people think that treatment is not necessary because people can stop using substances anytime they want to quit. The truth is that when people have addiction issues, they cannot simply stop using any time that they want to do so. Many drugs rewire the chemistry of the brain, causing it to believe it needs the drugs to function.

Addiction Treatment Is a One-Time Cure

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain, with the changes being responsible for intense cravings and the compulsion to use drugs. Although it is not a cure, completing a program that takes a holistic approach to heal the whole person is often the ideal option to treat the addiction.

Recovery is a life-long process. Many people live normal lives and become productive members of society after successfully completing their treatment program.

Every Treatment Option Works for Everyone

Addiction treatment does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. The fact is that if two friends or family members enter the same addiction rehab facility, their treatment program will not be exactly the same. Addiction treatment programs involve different components based on a number of factors. Some people may have biofeedback therapy as a major approach in their treatment plan, while others may have a treatment plan that includes sexual abuse and trauma treatment or Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery).

Relapse Means Your Treatment Has Failed

Relapses are considered a common issue in recovery. Having a relapse does not mean that the treatment was a failure. Those who have relapsed will often return to inpatient rehab or have their recovery modified to help prevent future relapses.

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