5 Warning Signs of Relapse

Addiction recovery does not end when you complete your substance abuse treatment program. It is a continual process of growth beyond drug or alcohol addiction. As a result, it is a battle every day to avoid relapse and live a life of sobriety. Avoiding relapse includes identifying the signs of relapse and acting quickly to prevent a backslide into the grips of addiction.

Keep in mind that the signs of relapse can occur long before the relapse. A change in routine, overconfidence, or an unhealthy lifestyle can warn you that relapse is about to happen. Therefore, you need to be aware of when your life is starting to spin out of control. Your individual therapy program is always available if you need to speak with your therapist about your current situation.

Most importantly, keep these warning signs in mind. This knowledge may help you to avoid future relapse.

The 5 Warning Signs of Relapse

1. The Onset of Triggers

For whatever reason, you are starting to feel on edge about your recovery and life in general. You may be having trouble with your marriage or working in a highly stressful work environment right now. Perhaps you have gone a few days without eating a healthy meal or working out. Whatever the case, your life may be on the verge of spinning out of control. This can leave you vulnerable to a variety of triggers.

2. Emotional Relapse

An emotional relapse occurs when you start to consider drinking or taking drugs again. Your stress, anger, or moodiness is finally getting to you, and you feel like you need a release. Sleeping and eating patterns may be erratic due to sudden changes in your schedule or body chemistry. It is important to recognize the emotional signs of relapse before you move to the next stage. Doing so can help you sustain your addiction recovery.

3. Inner Conflict About Relapse

Triggers have a way of moving from your emotions to your psyche. Once the thought of relapsing gets in your mind, it can be difficult to get it out. You may be experiencing thoughts such as:

  • Tug-of-war thoughts about drinking or taking drugs
  • Rationalizing why one drink or hit is harmless
  • Flirting with relapse by putting yourself in certain situations
  • Trying to figure out how to relapse without anyone knowing
  • Feeling guilty about your thoughts

4. Physical Relapse

Once your mind is fixated on relapsing, it is almost impossible to reverse. Although you have considered going to an addiction treatment center, you ultimately decide to start using again. Getting just one more drink or one more hit may be enough to get you through so that you can begin your recovery once again. However, one mistake can push you back into relapse.

5. Full-Blown Relapse

Just as relapse often starts long before using the substance, it also continues long after. Relapse involves more than a single incident of drinking or taking drugs. The signs of relapse combined often lead to a return to your former lifestyle. You may exhibit the following behavior:

  • Lying to people about using again
  • Continued use regardless of the consequences
  • Hiding the evidence
  • Drinking or taking drugs in isolation
  • Convincing yourself that you can control your use this time
  • Ultimate self-destruction which lands you back in rehab

Full-blown relapse looks the same as your original addiction. However, it can be worse since you may try harder to cover up the problem.

You Can Start Addiction Recovery Now at Blueprint Recovery Center

Regardless of how many times you have relapsed, it is never too late to get back on your feet. Remember that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down; it’s how many times you get back up that counts. Addiction recovery is possible at Blueprint Recovery Center. Contact us by calling 833.654.1004 or completing our secure online form for more information. Our addiction treatment therapies can help you address the signs of relapse and find a solution for lifelong recovery. Break the cycle of addiction today so that you can live your life free of drugs or alcohol.